Rick Nash Makes Interesting Comments About Game 3 And 4.

Published April 15, 2018 at 12:20

"The Toronto Maple Leafs were rumoured to be in on a number of players at the NHL trade deadline, however all they walked away with was Tomas Plekanec. Toronto was attached to Rick Nash, Ryan McDonagh, Mike Green and others. Rick Nash had a no trade clause, and there's been plenty of speculation on if Nash was willing to waive it for Toronto, because Toronto was on his no trade list. When asked about heading back to Ontario for Games 3 & 4:"It'll be fun. I grew up a diehard Leafs fan so it's always fun to go back home and play against them with all your family and friends there."
It's interesting to see that somebody who grew up a diehard Leafs fan, had Toronto on his no trade list.


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