Reporter says Leafs could use Easton Cowan as a valuable trade chip

Mike Armenti
May 17, 2024  (11:17)

Easton Cowan
Photo credit: Natalie Shaver, OHL Images

After leading his London Knights to an OHL championship, one Toronto reporter suggests he could be a valuable trade chip for the Maple Leafs.

Most of the talk surrounding Cowan, the Leafs' 1st round pick (28th overall) in 2023, has been about how he's likely a lock to make the NHL next season, but what if the plan is actually to use him as a trade chip this summer to help improve the team?
Personally, I'm not of the mindset that Treliving will even consider a deal for Cowan with how well he has developed in the last year. However, I can definitely see the argument that TLN's Nick Alberga is making for considering trading the OHL champion after a barnburner of a season with London.
Alberga revealed on Friday that while Cowan is a valuable piece to the organization, he could be just as valuable as a moveable asset to help the team acquire a true game-changer this summer.
"Indisputably, he shouldn't be deemed as an untouchable, and if the right deal comes along, Brad Treliving and company should 100% pull the trigger on it."

As Alberga pointed out, even if Cowan does make the Leafs out of training camp in 2024-25, it will still be a few years before he reaches his peak, which may not exactly jive with the Leafs' contention window. If the Leafs are in win-now mode, as Alberga suggests, it could make some sense to move Cowan for an impact piece that can help push the team over the top.
"Any way you slice it, the Leafs should be trying to win now Śnot later. If that ultimately has to come at the expense of dealing one of their top prospects, then so be it."

Cowan and the Knights are now off to the Memorial Cup tournament, beginning May 24th. If he can add a Memorial Cup to his trophy case, it's going to add a significant amount of value to an already tremendous prospect.
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Reporter says Leafs could use Easton Cowan as a valuable trade chip

If the Leafs could bring in a true game-changer, would you be okay with them trading Easton Cowan?

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