Report: Teams Are In Contact With Nylander Camp Regarding Extension.

Published October 10, 2018 at 8:38 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs still haven't come to a conclusion regarding the William Nylander situation and it looks like other teams are circling the situation. Leafs GM Kyle Dubas has repeatedly stated that he has no interest in trading Nylander, however we've heard that from many GM's before the actual player is dealt. From all accounts both sides are looking for a long term deal however the Nylander camp is looking for around a $8.5million a year salary while the Leafs are looking to pay Nylander around $6million a season. TSN's Pierre LeBrun appeared on Leafs Lunch Wednesday afternoon and stated trade scenarios have to be considered by the Leafs. LeBrun also stated that teams are willing to trade for Nylander and move some "pretty good assets to get him". The only problem is like the Leafs, other teams aren't certain about the $8.5million a year price tag. The NHL insider also said that teams have been in contact with Nylander's camp and that it's totally legal right now because Nylander is actually a free agent. «So there are two ways to go about it, I guess is what I'm saying, to continue to keep an eye on it if you're a team, and stay vigilant on it - the team that can trade his rights, but also the camp that decides what he's going to sign for. «It's an interesting dynamic that way. It's not just a two-party thing, it's got some moving parts.»It's an interesting situation that all of the NHL continues to monitor. You can listen to the full segment by clicking here.

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