Report: Blue Jackets Were Prepared To Give Four First Round Picks For Marner.

Published September 17, 2019 at 2:00 PM

"Now that the Toronto Maple Leafs have Mitch Marner signed, we've started to get some interesting details regarding some of the things that might have went down. Yesterday we heard that two teams presented Marner with official offer sheets and Matthew Barnaby reported that it was the Columbus Blue Jackets and Minnesota Wild. Today Aaron Portzline of The Athletic reported some of the details regarding the Blue Jackets offer sheet. Portzline reports that the Blue Jackets were prepared to give up their next four first round picks if the Maple Leafs didn't match the offer sheet. Marner didn't end up signing the offer sheet and that could be because the Blue Jackets according to Portzline were only willing to sign Marner to a seven year deal. It means the offer to Marner was at a minimum of $10.56million a year and might have even been for $11million a season.


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