Tom Wilson high sticks Noah Gregor
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Player Safety comes down hard on Tom Wilson for slash to Noah Gregor's face

Published March 21, 2024 at 1:24 PM

Honestly, I'm surprised to be writing this article. Rarely does the NHL's Department of Player Safety do their jobs right, but in this case, they just may. Tom Wilson has been offered an in-person hearing for what can only be described as a reckless stick swing into the face of Leafs winger Noah Gregor during last night's game.

If you haven't seen the incident, the replay is below, Wilson throws a hit on Gregor, then inexplicably winds up and forcefully swings his stick into Gregor's face, breaking several teeth. Wilson seemed apologetic after, as he grabbed hold of Gregor and appeared to apologize. His apology was enough to save him from a major penalty, but not enough to convince George Parros and company at the Department of Player Safety.

Honestly, this has to be a lengthy suspension. The more I watch it, the less belief I have that there is any way this was accidental. There is simply no hockey play that involves swinging your stick that high and that hard that far from the puck. It's just so ridiculously far from being excusable or explainable. I have no idea what Wilson was thinking on this one, but I hope that he gets a good long while to think about it. As the NHL's poster child for repeat offenders, don't be surprised if Wilson's suspension lands in the double digits.
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Player Safety comes down hard on Tom Wilson for slash to Noah Gregor's face

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