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Pierre McGuire Says Nylander Shouldn't Trust Dubas.

Published December 5, 2018 at 11:47

We found out earlier in the week that Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas promised William Nylander he wouldn't trade him. «Kyle has told me multiple times that as long as he's here, he's not going to trade me,» Nylander said Monday.
Speculation has risen that Nylander won't last long in Toronto now that the deal is done, however Dubas publicly stated he has no intention of trading Nylander. "I've been on the record as saying that ... it's our intention to have him here as long as we're here. He's an excellent young player. I don't think we want to get in the business of not having excellent young players so that's how we feel about it." Dubas said.However NHL analyst Pierre McGuire doesn't really believe it. «Unless it's written on paper, it doesn't really count,» McGuire said on TSN Radio. Nylander doesn't have any trade protection until the final year of his deal when he has a 10 team no trade list.

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