Pierre LeBrun Gives Update On Pietrangelo To Leafs.

Published September 18, 2020 at 1:53 PM

"The Toronto Maple Leafs have shaped their coaching staff and now general manager Kyle Dubas will continue to focus on shaping up the blueline for next year. While some fans are disappointed the Leafs didn't add Bruce Boudreau to their coaching staff, could bringing in Alex Pietrangelo make up for it?Some people believe it's destiny like John Tavares coming back home, while others just don't believe it's possible because of cap trouble. NHL insider Pierre LeBrun gave an update on the situation while on TSN1050. "I don't know if the Leafs are coveting. I just know the Leafs know he is out there. There is also the Alex Pietrangelo situation the Leafs are monitoring because I do believe there is mutual interest there if he doesn't re-sign in St. Louis — and that is a big if because I think the Blues are going to put their best foot forward here between now and October 9th.
There is still a reasonable chance he re-signs, but it has been a frustrating process so far for Alex Pietrangelo. I interviewed him last week for a piece, and it was clear in his voice that he probably feels he should've been signed by now as the captain of the team. That is a situation that bears monitoring.
If you're the Leafs and you're thinking about trading assets for Matt Dumba or signing Alex Pietrangelo without giving up assets, you're going to want to go the Pietrangelo route — not just because Pietrangelo is the more established player, but you're also not giving up assets.
The drawback is that you know Dumba signed for a couple more years at $6 million, which is more palatable than what Alex Pietrangelo is going to cost. You are talking at least $8 million a year for Pietrangelo, but it's well worth it."What do you think of LeBrun's comments?

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