Patrick Kane Makes Some Pretty Big Statements Regarding Auston Matthews.

Published August 28, 2018 at 12:09

The NHL season is still about a month away and players across the league are getting together for their final charity golf tournaments and charity hockey showdowns. Toronto Maple Leafs superstar Auston Matthews participated in the 2018 Stars and Stripes Showdown and shared the ice with another elite American hockey product, Patrick Kane. After the game Kane took the time out to speak to the media and had plenty to say about the Leafs' young superstar. "He's one of those guys thats going to push USA hockey as far as we want to make it go"
The two will train together next week in Tampa and Kane will actually be looking to learn from Matthews. "Sometimes you skate with players that are so far ahead of other players skill wise, so it makes you push yourself too, I'm excited to be with him and around him".Kane loves working with Matthews on the ice and watching on the TV as well. "He's a fun player to watch, if the Leafs are on TV and we have an off night, I'll tune in just to watch him cuz he's so fun to watch, special hockey player, Toronto's lucky to have him and he's going to be a big face of USA hockey for a long time"What do you think of Kane's comments?

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