One Leafs Player Gave An Inspiring Speech During Sens Game.

Published January 21, 2018 at 12:10

"The Toronto Maple Leafs are going through a bit of a tough stretch. After the Leafs OT loss to the Philadelphia Flyers a couple of nights ago, Leafs goalie Frederik Andersen held no punches and felt frustrated. "I think it's a lack of effort at certain points. It certainly can't happen. We got to figure this out if we want to play any meaningful hockey later. We have to figure this out."
It's frustrating because everybody in the room knew the struggle was all in their head and last night it looked like the team was going to lose their fourth game in a row. Down 3-1 heading into the third, veteran Patrick Marleau decided enough was enough and the soft spoken vet gave a speech that rallied up the team and got them refocused. "I just think it's time. We had been going through a little bit of a skid here. Working our way out of it we needed everybody and everybody brought it tonight. It was good."
Auston Matthews mentioned after the game that Marleau's speech will likely stick with the team for the next couple of games.


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