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Nazem Kadri Sympathetic After Kris Russell's Blunder

Published December 1, 2017 at 12:41

"Kris Russell was the talk of the hockey world last night for his game winning goal. Unfortunately for Kris, the goal was scored into his own net and helped the Toronto Maple Leafs to a 6-4 victory.

"I don't know what you want me to say, you know what happened there at the end,» a dazed Russell said while meeting with reporters after the game. "It was a bounce. Turned, tried and bat it out. Obviously, you know what happens."

While the blunder reminded a lot of Oilers fans of Steve Smith's own goal that eliminated them from the 1986 Stanley Cup playoffs, many in both locker rooms felt terrible for Russell.

"He's a guy you'd go to war for,» Oilers captain Connor McDavid said. «He does everything for us. He throws himself in shooting lanes where most guys would be diving to get out of the way. He puts himself in harm's way. He battles so hard each and every night."

Even Nazem Kadri, who was closest to the blunder on the ice, had some sympathy.

"That's the worst, I can't imagine, and I'm feeling for him right now," Kadri said. He sure did not look too sympathetic when the play happened!

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