Morgan Rielly Says "This Time Of Year Can be Difficult".

Published October 11, 2019 at 10:24

There's no two ways about it, the Toronto Maple Leafs took an absolute beating last night by the score of 7-3. One of the biggest knocks on the team heading into the season was their defense, and it's showed so far this season. They've given up 16 goals in their last three games, all at home and just a day after saying how much he loves playing with Cody Ceci, defenseman Morgan Rielly said the team is still "working through things". «This time of year can be difficult sometimes,» said Rielly. «And I think tonight's an example of a game we've got to learn from and, moving forward, it's important we clean up certain areas of our game and we'll make sure to do that.»
«I just mean you're getting used to new things and getting used to playing again,» Rielly said. «It's time to bear down a little more than we did tonight.»Shouldn't the start of the year be the easiest? All teams are "working through things"?

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