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Morgan Rielly makes surprising admission about re-joining the Leafs amid their win streak

Published February 25, 2024 at 11:59

Since coming back into the lineup following his lengthy 5-game suspension, Morgan Rielly has yet to record a point in his two games back against Vegas and Colorado, though I'm sure if you ask him, he's not concerned with individual stats in the slightest. Rielly simply wants to win and the Leafs were able to do just that against two very tough teams in the Golden Knights and the Avalanche.

Thursday in Vegas, Rielly skated just 18:37 as the team looked to slowly integrate him back into the game after two weeks off. Last night in Colorado, he saw his ice time increase to 20:43 against the Avs, showing that the goal here is to get him back up to speed as quickly as possible.

After last night's win, Morgan Rielly was made available to the media in Colorado and one of the questions that he was asked was about coming back into the lineup in the middle of a win streak and trying not to disrupt the flow. Rielly admitted that coming back in after a 5-game win streak was nerve-racking, but also said he feels like he's getting back to playing like he knows he can.

"I was definitely nervous about coming in because the team was rolling. So that was a little nerve-racking, so I'm grateful we got two wins. But, you're just trying to find your game again, just trying to get back into your rhythm. It's not as easy as it seems, but after a game or two, and then you go home and have a practice day - I expect to be back, playing like my usual self."

Rielly also gave his teammates a lot of credit for their support while he was away and for making things easy on him coming back from his suspension. Obviously, these guys have a very strong bond and with so many players in the Leafs locker room looking up to Rielly as the team's primary leader outside of John Tavares, it only made sense that they were going to welcome him back into the lineup with open arms.

"The guys have been great, they've been very supportive. Obviously, without me, they were playing outstanding, so I'm just trying not to upset the apple cart."

The Leafs do not play again until Tuesday back in Toronto, when they host the reigning Stanley Cup champions, the Vegas Golden Knights, who I'm sure are looking to repay the Leafs in kind for coming into T-Mobile Arena in Vegas and embarrassing them on home ice to the tune of a 7-3 beatdown. The Leafs will have to be ready to go and start on time if they want to try to extend their win streak to 8 games.

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Morgan Rielly makes surprising admission about re-joining the Leafs amid their win streak

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Yes, Mo has been great this season20025.8 %
No, Willy is till runner-up MVP to Matty39551 %
Marner is the runner-up MVP in Toronto17923.1 %
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