More information leaks regarding the specifics of Nylander's injury

Ryan Smitheram
April 24, 2024  (12:53)

William Nylander dangles during warmups
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William Nylander is dealing with some sort of a head injury, according to one Leafs reporter, with his status still unknown for Game 3 tonight.

Yesterday, former NHLer Jordan Schmaltz revealed that Nylander had sustained an upper-body injury when he collided with John Tavares in game 82 of the regular season against the Tampa Bay Lightning. We now have some additional clarity and confirmation of what that upper-body injury is.
According to Nick Alberga on 'Leafs Morning Take', Nylander is dealing with a head injury. Whether that means it is a concussion or something neck-related is still unknown, but given that Chris Johnston and Darren Dreger reported that Nylander had experienced some discomfort on Thursday morning, it is may be more of a neck issue than a concussion.
If the injury is indeed a concussion, it makes a lot of sense as to why the team and player are taking their time rather than rushing him back too soon, which may actually make matters worse.
Sheldon Keefe and Brad Treliving have taken plenty of heat since it was revealed Nylander was injured, with many questioning why they would play him instead of resting him like they did other players in the remaining games of the season.
On top of the heat they have taken for playing Nylander in Game 82, resulting in his injury, they have also taken heat for making his absence a distraction with their "no information" policy over the past couple of days.
While Nylander remained on the ice with the projected scratches following today's morning skate, Sheldon Keefe admitted there is a possibility he suits up tonight and it depends on how Nylander is feeling. TSN's Chris Johnston said on 'First Up' that he would be surprised if Nylander didn't play tonight given that he has skated a couple of times in Boston already.
Until warmups, Nylander will remain an unknown, but the hope is that he is able to return to provide Auston Matthews with some help offensively.
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More information leaks regarding the specifics of Nylander's injury

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