Max Domi Takes Shots At Leafs' And Leafs' Fans.

Published August 26, 2019 at 2:45 PM

"The Montreal Canadiens came and saved Max Domi from hockey hell last summer when they acquired him from the Arizona Coyotes. Since being moved to Montreal, Domi has become pretty cocky and basically the head public relations director for the Canadiens. He was at it once again as he spoke to the media at the Bio Steel Camp that takes place in Toronto. Domi started off by saying that no other arena compares to playing in the Bell Centre and was asked to go into detail by the Toronto media on why Habs' fans are better than Leafs' fans. "They've won 24 Stanley Cups... that's all that needs to be said... really... sorry..... it's a pretty simple answer""I grew up in an NHL environment in Toronto because of my dad, but Montreal is a whole nother level.. I mean I get it, Toronto has their fans and Leaf nation is pretty big but there's nothing even close to Montreal and their fans down there. The fanbase of the Montreal Canadiens is second to none.""At the end of the day if you're playing in Montreal you're the luckiest dude in the world."


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