Radko Gudas taunting Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Joseph Woll in the playoffs last season.
Photo credit: Steve Russell - Toronto Star

Leafs will finally have a chance to respond to Radko Gudas for disrespectful display this weekend

Published February 16, 2024 at 2:12 PM

All eyes are set on Anaheim Ducks defenseman Radko Gudas, who is preparing to face Toronto for the first time since last season's playoff matchup between the Panthers and Maple Leafs. The six foot, two hundred and eight pound defenseman was 'too sick' to play in Anaheim's first meeting against Toronto this season, but as of right now, it would appear as though he's good to go for their second meeting of the season.

The veteran of twelve NHL seasons is widely known for screaming in Maple Leafs goaltender Joseph Woll's face when the Florida Panthers scored the overtime series winning goal over the Toronto Maple Leafs in game five of the second round of the playoffs last season.

This had led to many Maple Leaf fans calling out the veteran defenseman for his classless actions that he displayed when he taunted Woll and the disrespect he had shown the Leafs in a runaway series.

Fortunately, Woll and his teammates took the high road by not engaging with Gudas following the incident, more focused on the fact that their season had just come to an untimely end. Woll stated last season that Gudas was probably just happy that his team won and had a lot of emotions running through him. Woll was able to laugh it off. Not everyone had the same reaction. Veteran enforcer Ryan Reaves, when signed by Toronto last summer, stated to the media in September that he would love to see Gudas try that with him around and see what happens.

I think it's save to say that Ryan Reaves will likely be in the lineup on Saturday night when Toronto hosts Anaheim while the Leafs look to not squander another two points to a bottom feeder team such as the Ducks while continuing to show the rest of the league that they are not a team to take things laying down. Obviously, with what had just occurred with Morgan Rielly and Ridly Greig, that message has already been sent.
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Leafs will finally have a chance to respond to Radko Gudas for disrespectful display this weekend

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