A bloodied Jake McCabe takes a number
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Leafs defenseman left injured after dirty blindside hit

Published February 8, 2024 at 9:56

Last night had some questionable calls but there was one that could draw attention from the Department of Player Safety.

Towards the end of the second period last night Dallas Stars forward Mason Marchment threw a late hit on Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Jake McCabe, who had already played the puck up the boards and was skating away from the play.

The late hit thrown by the former Maple Leaf not only caught Jake McCabe from the blindside while turning, but it led to McCabe taking a shoulder to his face and nose. The play also drew blood as the veteran Leafs defenseman was leaking from his nose and mouth.

When McCabe was back on the bench after the play he was seen furious while barking at the officials wondering why the late hit that drew blood wasn't called or even looked at.

Maple Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe rushed to support his defenseman as he exchanged words with the officals on the violent and late hit that could've ended very badly.

It's safe to say Mason Marchment put a target on his back after the questionable late hit as McCabe and Benoit were looking for number 27 the rest of the game and delivered some massive hits in the third period on the former Maple Leaf forward. The hits are below:

Now the question remains. Will the Department of Player Safety look into this late hit or will yet another one slip through the cracks? Let us know in the comments below!
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Leafs defenseman left injured after dirty blindside hit

Should Mason Marchment be suspended for the late hit on Jake McCabe last night?

Yes, suspended for 5 games or less.33867.3 %
No, late hit but not suspension worthy.8416.7 %
Yes, suspended for 5 games or more.8015.9 %
No, it was a clean hit.00 %
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