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Leafs defenseman drops amazing comment about the Leafs' newfound fire and ferocity

Published February 19, 2024 at 2:41 PM

One of the biggest knock on the Leafs over the years has been their perceived lack of willingness to stand up for one another. The Leafs have often been looked at as a team who were easy to play against, but that has certainly changed this season.

Since the team's new GM, Brad Treliving, came in, there have been plenty of examples of the Leafs sticking up for one another, especially following the incident involving Brad Marchand injuring Timothy Liljegren early this season, taking his feet out from under him, sending him feet-first into the boards and causing a high-ankle sprain. Following that incident, Treliving, Keefe and others within the organization held a meeting with the players to establish that a response is needed when someone steps out of line. Since that meeting, we've seen a very different Leafs team - one that is always in the mix now and making the opposition think twice about taking liberties on any member of the team.

On Monday, just ahead of the Leafs/Blues game in St. Louis, Simon Benoit spoke with the media and was asked about the Leafs' new mindset and increased physicality. His response was exactly what you'd want to hear out of a Stanley Cup contender.

"We're trying to build a brotherhood here. I wouldn't say we don't know each other, but we're getting to know each other. While doing that, it doesn't mean I can't defend a teammate. Its how you build bonds and make a team out of random players." - Simon Benoit on the Leafs' increased physicality of late

Benoit has become somewhat of a fan-favourite in Toronto this year, largely because he hits anything that moves, sticks up for his teammates, plays his heart out and lays it all on the line night in and night out for the Leafs. He has also expressed an interest in signing an extension in Toronto at some point between now and July 1st, which also has fans in his corner. We want people who want to play in Toronto and Benoit has certainly shown through both his actions and his words that he wants to play in Toronto.

His latest comments about building a brotherhood in the Leafs' locker room is exactly what fans want to hear as this team gears up for the playoffs. Too many times we've heard Stanley Cup winners talk about being a brotherhood and going to war for the guy sitting next to them. If the Leafs are finally adopting that mentality, then maybe things will be different in the 2023-24 Stanley Cup playoffs.

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Leafs defenseman drops amazing comment about the Leafs' newfound fire and ferocity

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