Lane Lambert expected to join Craig Berube's coaching staff

Mike Armenti
June 4, 2024  (10:54)

Lane Lambert
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Craig Berube and the Maple Leafs could be nearing a deal with former Islanders head coach Lane Lambert, to bring him to Toronto.

According to TSN's Darren Dreger on Monday, the Maple Leafs could be zeroing in on Lambert to help manage the Maple Leafs' forward group. Dreger believes that Lambert would be a significant improvement to the Leafs' coaching staff.
"They're working on it, and that's pretty obvious. Teams, mostly, would like to have their staff in place by the draft... Craig Berube has been locked down. I have heard some names over the last few days I would say, maybe even going into the weekend that are of interest to me. I've heard that Lane Lambert, formerly of the New York Islanders, could join the Toronto Maple Leafs.

I would assume that he would manage the forwards under the guidance of Berube. Mike Van Ryn, I believe, is staying with the Maple Leafs and he would help manage the defense. Still a question mark beside Marc Savard.

If Lane Lambert is coming on board, I think that's a significant get. I do. He's a very experienced coach, most recently head coach with the New York Islanders, so he's going to add another element of experience."

When you're talking about new guys coming in, you're also almost always discussing names who could be going out. Unfortunately for Dean Chynoweth and Guy Boucher, they look to be the odd men out in Toronto.
"If you add those guys, then, it seems pretty clear that there would be change and that would likely come at the expense of [Dean] Chynoweth and Guy Boucher."

Lambert was a part of two Eastern Conference Finals runs with the Islanders as an associate coach under Barry Trotz back in 2020 and 2021, so he knows a thing or two about postseason success. When you match that up with Berube's Stanley Cup win, that sort of experience really does bode well for the Leafs, who are badly in need of some playoff success.
With the NHL Entry Draft now just a little over 3 weeks away, we should begin to see some big decisions coming to fruition in Toronto as the team prepares for the draft.
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Lane Lambert expected to join Craig Berube's coaching staff

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