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Kyle Dubas Explains What Went Wrong With Tyson Barrie.

Published August 19, 2020 at 5:19 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs and general manager Kyle Dubas have some work to do this offseason and some roster spots to fill. After being acquired last year in the Nazem Kadri trade, defenseman Tyson Barrie more than likely won't be back as he'll hit the unrestricted free agent market. Barrie was supposed to boost the Leafs' power play and add some reliability on the blue line, unfortunately neither of those happened. Dubas explained what he felt went wrong with the Barrie experiment. «I think when it comes to looking back on what could've been done better with Tyson, I think certainly aiding him after knowing that he's played his whole career in one spot, had great success there, he's going into a contract year, he's coming to a new situation, new conference,» said Dubas. «I think the thing learned there is helping them adjust a lot better and helping them to be themselves much sooner.»
«I don't know if I ever gave enough credit to guys who got traded and how hard it can be to adjust to a new team,» he said.
«I don't think we helped those players adjust as well as we could have from the outset,» said Dubas. «And that falls on me.»
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