Kyle Dubas Comments On Marner And Kapanen Possibly Receiving Offer Sheets.

Published March 7, 2019 at 11:36

Over the last couple of offseasons, we've heard plenty of chatter regarding offer sheets.However GM's across the league decided to keep quiet and not ruffle other team's feathers. This year according to Pierre LeBrun and many other reporters, we might finally see some offer sheet action. Dubas was asked about the possibility at the current GM meetings. «We can't make poor decisions based on the threat of something that may happen,» Dubas told The Athletic. «We have to engage with them in a way where contracts are fair to them but also work for the team. They're at very different stages in their career. Kasperi is in his first full season. Mitch is in his third season and he's obviously an elite player. He's going to be a part of our team for a long, long time. It's a matter of when the time is right and I think it's been documented from his agent, at the end of the season, we'll re-engage and go from there.»
It's going to be a very interesting summer.

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