Keefe Sounds Off After Leafs Blow Game 3.

Published August 7, 2020 at 2:09 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs took a 3-0 last night against the Columbus Blue Jackets after Nick Robertson scored his first NHL goal. However it all went downhill from there. Public enemy #1, Pierre-Luc Dubois of the Blue Jackets finished off his hat trick in overtime as the Blue Jackets registered the 4-3 win. After the game head coach Sheldon Keefe called it one of the worst games he's seen all season. «I feel like the game just got away from us right from the start,» he said. «I didn't like our game in the first period. I didn't like our game at 1-0. I didn't like our game at 2-0, 3-0. We just got what we deserved today. I thought we reverted back to a lot of really bad habits. We didn't have any real purpose or plan to our game. We were just making it up as we go along so we get what we deserve.»
«I thought that as a team we didn't help our defence as a group, and as a group our defence didn't help themselves,»
«We gotta regroup here,» Keefe said. «This is what playoff hockey's all about. The emotions, the swings of momentum — that's the best part of playoffs here. So, a chance to regroup and come back at it (Friday) and be a better version of ourselves than we were today is an exciting part for me. So we'll get to work on that.»What do you think of Keefe's comments?

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