JVR Throws Jake Gardiner Under The Bus!

Published March 29, 2020 at 10:44

The days of Mike Babcock and Lou Lamoriello's Toronto Maple Leafs' are behind us, but we can still look back and have a laugh or two. While there's stretches we might miss some of the old faces on the ice, the Leafs have created some really exciting offensive play. One player who probably wishes he was still on the Leafs is forward James van Riemsdyk.While he was able to salvage his season near the end and currently has 19 goals, JVR has struggled in Philly and found himself on the fourth line a couple of times this season. He was still able to entertain Leafs' fans recently when he took a jab at former teammate Jake Gardiner. JVR was asked to describe the hockey term "pizza"."I'm trying to think who I could throw under the bus, who was a good Dominoes worker.
Actually I'll throw Jake Gardiner under the bus, he had a stint at dominoes he liked to deliver pizzas up the middle and pass it to other guys and give them a scoring chance.So we'll say Jake has a future in delivering pizzas when he's done playing."WOW!Check it out in the video below:

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