JVR Reveals His Favourite Memory From Time In Toronto.

Published July 24, 2018 at 12:43

"The Toronto Maple Leafs signed a huge piece and free agency's biggest prize when they got their hands on John Tavares, however they also lost a pretty big piece during the summer. Forward James van Riemsdyk signed with the Philadelphia Flyers during the summer after putting up 36 goals during his final season in Toronto. The forward loved it in Toronto and was given the opportunity by the Leafs to play out his final season in Toronto instead of flipping him at the deadline. During a recent appearance on TSN 1050 speaking to Michael Landsberg, JVR reflected on his favourite memories in Toronto:"It's going to be tough to pick just one. Again, I think the first year with making the playoffs after there was a bit of a drought, I don't think I'll ever forget that video clip of outside of Maple Leaf Square. I'm not sure which game it was from, but I think we had just scored a goal or something, and it might've pushed it to Game 7 after Game 6. You just see people jumping up and down just going bonkers out there. I think this was before they kind of tightened up the crowd out there. It used to just be whoever showed up and it could go as far as it needed to go. It was pretty crazy. I remember — that was pretty cool to see something like that.
There were some ups and downs over the course of the years, and I think I am definitely proud of the way that things came along the last couple of years. Now the team is obviously trending in a good direction. I think the organization is in a great spot. I like to think I played a small part in that. I really enjoyed my time overall in Toronto."What's your favourite JVR memory?

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