Jeff O'Neill Absolutely Rips Into Leafs.

Published February 20, 2020 at 1:37 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been going through a bit of a tough stretch and have received a ton of criticism. Head coach Sheldon Keefe has called the players out while fans have been calling out general manager Kyle Dubas. No surprise as the media has been voicing strong disappointment as well. The latest analyst to rip into the Leafs is former player Jeff O'Neill. O'Neill dropped plenty of soundbites and opinions. "They have no identiy five-on-five," said O' Neill. "What's their identity? Pittsburgh is, they've got Crosby and Malkin who are elite players who work and they get wins and they do their job. Toronto doesn't work. They don't outwork you, they don't outhit you. They don't do anything."
"By the way, the coach? He should be held accountable, too," continued O' Neill. "He goes on there, and I like accountability, it's big-boy stuff. You can go on there and say 'these guys sucked tonight'...but he lets them go out there and play like that. They'll get dummied 6-to-2 and be god-awful in their own zone and the next day there's Lady Gaga playing on the music system and they have skill development."
"How many times can you say of a professional team they suck in their own zone? They're talented enough to play better than that!"
"Have some balls and bench one of those guys!"
"Mitch Marner's going out there being an idiot with backhand passes and stupid plays and turning over the puck. Bench him! You can't win games like that!"

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