James van Riemsdyk Won't Accept Hometown Discount.

Published February 11, 2018 at 4:47 PM

As the NHL's trade deadline gets closer and closer, many wonder if the Toronto Maple Leafs will move some of their upcoming UFA's. We got an update regarding the situation during Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday during the latest "Headlines" segment. Chris Johnston reports that two teams have inquired about James van Riemsdyk and it looks like the Leafs are still leaning towards keeping him as their own "rental".Nick Kypreos followed that up by saying that there's been absolutely zero contract talks between JVR and the Leafs. Kypreos also stated that van Riemsdyk won't be accepting any type of "hometown discount" to stay with the Leafs. He mentioned that with the Leafs not having much cap space to play with, they would have to offer term to balance it out but the Leafs aren't likely interested in a seven or eight year deal. Would you rather keep JVR for a playoff run or trade him now instead of losing him for nothing in the summer?

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