Is Nicholas Robertson keen on joining his brother, Jason, with the Dallas Stars?

Nick Matthews
May 28, 2024  (12:41)

Nicholas Robertson and Jason Robertson
Photo credit: Toronto Sun

Given his familial connection to the organization, Nicholas Robertson might be open to a potential trade to the Dallas Stars.

Nick Robertson is coming off his first real taste of a full NHL season, playing in 56 games and throwing up 27 points in that span.
It seems like Robertson is ready for his first full-time gig in the NHL, as he put up decent numbers playing in a limited capacity on the 3rd and 4th lines this past season. He's ready for more opportunity. The question that arises is, will that opportunity be on the Leafs?
Robertson, as expected, is keeping a close eye on his brother, Jason Robertson, who is currently locked into a Western Conference Final battle with Edmonton. The Leafs winger was quick to tweet this out after his brother put up a hat trick for the Dallas Stars last night.
While this tweet could come off as just a little brother supporting his big brother, it may be pointing to something bigger. Does this gesture point to Nick perhaps wanting to join his brother in Dallas?
Nick could be looking at Jason's success in Dallas and thinking to himself, "maybe I would be a good fit there as well." Not only would the brothers be reunited, but who could be a better on-ice mentor than his big brother Jason, who against all odds became a legitimate NHL star?
Not only has Nick supported Jason his entire life, but also when their professional playing careers started in the OHL, Nick was very quick to pump his brother's tires.
The narrative here could be that Nick Robertson has been taking note of Jason's success and may want to see what another organization can offer him in terms of an opportunity to prove himself. It may be time for the brothers to reunite so Jason can mentor Nick and take him under his wing.
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Is Nicholas Robertson keen on joining his brother, Jason, with the Dallas Stars?

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