David Pastrnak publicly states he does not want Tyler Bertuzzi back in Boston

Mike Armenti
May 31, 2024  (11:33)

Tyler Bertuzzi and David Pastrnak
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This week, Boston Bruins star David Pastrnak instantly shot down the idea of a reunion with current Maple Leafs winger Tyler Bertuzzi this summer.

During a recent appearance on the Spittin' Chiclets podcast, guest David Pastrnak of the Boston Bruins was running through some scenarios with the co-hosts of the program involving different players who he might like to have in Boston next season. However, when Bertuzzi's name came up. He instantly shot down the idea of bringing Bert back to Boston.
"He went to the Leafs. Bertuzzi went to the Leafs. Are you kidding me? He went to the Leafs. I don't know, man. You got me into a tight squeeze right now.

But I said already, for the Boston Bruins, Original Six, it should be enough for you to come want to play here and obviously, would I love people to come and wanting to play with me? Yes, of course, but, how I said, at the end of the day, if you don't want to come to the Bruins, you know, like, you have to want to come there."

Bertuzzi was originally traded to Boston by the Detroit Red Wings in 2022-23, enjoying a lot of individual success with 5 goals and 5 assists in 7 games against Florida in Round 1 last spring. However, when it came time to ink a new deal, rather than re-upping in Boston, Bertuzzi opted to return to his home province of Ontario, joining the Leafs on a 1-year deal worth $5.5M.
Perhaps Pastrnak's hesitation about the idea of bringing Bertuzzi back had to do with Bertuzzi wanting out last summer. Perhaps the hesitation has more to do with the Bruins/Leafs rivalry and the heated 7-game series they had endured in Round 1. Maybe it was a bit of both. But whatever the reason, it does not seem like Pasta is too keen on Bertuzzi going back to Boston.
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David Pastrnak publicly states he does not want Tyler Bertuzzi back in Boston

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Because he left Boston for Toronto11927.5 %
Because of their recent 7-game series214.8 %
Because he never really liked him9622.2 %
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