If forced to make a choice, should the Leafs re-sign Max Domi or Tyler Bertuzzi?

Nick Matthews
June 2, 2024  (5:26 PM)

Max Domi and Tyler Bertuzzi
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Max Domi and Tyler Bertuzzi are both effective players on the ice, but which player is more valuable to the Maple Leafs if it came down to only signing one of them?

Both Max Domi and Tyler Bertuzzi bring a unique skill set to the table in Toronto. Domi put up 9 goals and 47 points for the Maple Leafs last season as a solid playmaker, whereas Bertuzzi amassed 21 goals and 43 points and is more of a goalscorer. Both players play with an edge, add snarl to the line up and can also play in the tough areas.
Domi is a wizard with the puck, he has a high hockey IQ and can make elite passes in the offensive zone. Bertuzzi is more of a power forward who has a nose for the net, and relies more on his will than his skill to produce. Both of these players were mainstays on the 1st line with Auston Matthews during the 2nd half of last season, but if only one can stay, which way should the Leafs go?
I think the best fit for the Leafs between the two has to be Max Domi for a few reasons.
The first one is if the Leafs do trade Marner this off-season, they're going to be short playmakers to generate chances in the offensive zone and on the powerplay.
The next reason is Domi has made it known that he loves playing in Toronto and has very strong ties to the organization. Domi's father, Tie Domi is an absolute Leafs legend, and it is clear Max thrives off of the attention he gets for being his father's son in Toronto.
The financial implications are also a very important factor in the decision. Domi may take a more cap-friendly discount to remain a Leaf long-term than Bertuzzi will.
Bertuzzi's projection is currently in the 3-4 year range at a cap hit of somewhere between $4.75M and his current $5.5M. Meanwhile, Domi's projection is roughly $4.6M over a 3-year term, which doesn't factor in his likelihood to take a little less to remain a Leaf.
The obvious hope is that both Domi and Bertuzzi will be back next season, but if the Leafs can only bring one of them back, I'd lean more towards Max Domi.
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If forced to make a choice, should the Leafs re-sign Max Domi or Tyler Bertuzzi?

Who would you rather the Leafs keep, Tyler Bertuzzi or Max Domi?

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