Toronto Maple Leafs disappointed after a loss
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Former Maple Leaf expresses frustration with fanbase over reaction to Monday's loss on home ice

Published March 6, 2024 at 9:36

A former Toronto Maple Leaf expressed his frustration with the fanbase Leafs' fanbase on Tuesday, following a difficult loss Monday night against the Boston Bruins.

Former Leaf Jay Rosehill spoke on Leafs Morning Take on Tuesday morning and discussed the booing that took place towards the end of a 4-1 Bruins win at Scotiabank Arena on Monday evening.

Rosehill had a few quotes that spoke volumes about the volatile fanbase in Toronto and their actions on Monday. The most common excuse for the booing that has been presented revolves around fans paying $400+ for a ticket to attend the game only to watch the team lose in embarrassing fashion on home ice. Rosehill doesn't buy the idea that paying the price for a ticket absolves fans of their poor behaviour, pointing out the fact that the Leafs have been very good of late, minus the Monday night blip.

"If you go to a fancy restaurant and you have a huge bill for your meal, does that mean you can piss on the seat in the bathroom and treat your waitress like garbage?"

- Jay Rosehill on fans disrespecting a playoff team because of one lost home game

As mentioned by Rosehill, for a team that had wins in 13 of their last 16 games and 9 in their last 10 games before Monday night, it's quite embarrassing to see fans give up on their team after going on an impressive winning streak. He also reminded the fanbase that just one game prior, the Maple Leafs beat one of the best and hottest teams, the New York Rangers, in a shootout on Saturday night.

Rosehill also mentioned why many Leafs fans are insufferable with this quote about when it's appropriate to boo teams on home ice:

"This isn't a team that has given up on you. This isn't a team that has slid far out of a playoff spot with no hope of getting back. The season is not over. That's when you can boo. We wonder why some fans hack on Leafs fans for being shitty, and wonder why sometimes people don't want to come here and play."

- Rosehill on fans turning on this team way too abruptly

Everyone can see the constant scrutiny that this team is under. Have they underachieved in the past? Yes, of course they have. However, the idea that fans can be openly and overtly disrespectful simply because they paid good money for a ticket to a hockey game is spoiled, entitled behaviour. Be upset about the result, be disappointed, but also be respectful and understanding of the fact that this is a good hockey team. Creating a road game atmosphere at the home barn is never the answer. No team goes 82-0. The Leafs are going to lose games, but let's not act like they're coming off of a 10-game losing streak here. This a good hockey team and the season is not over. Live to fight another day.
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Former Maple Leaf expresses frustration with fanbase over reaction to Monday's loss on home ice

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