Brad Treliving continues to look to shore up the Leafs blueline
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Flames Reporter reveals a surprising reason why the Flames are hesitant to make a trade with the Leafs

Published February 27, 2024 at 12:41

The Toronto Maple Leafs and Calgary Flames have been linked as trade partners since the beginning of the season, and for good reason. Leafs GM Brad Treliving was the Flames' GM for nine seasons and most of the players the Flames are looking to move are guys that Treliving brought in.

Unfortunately for Treliving, former Leafs GM Kyle Dubas did not leave him with many assets to deal and he has been unable to work a trade with the Flames using what little currency he has left. While that is the biggest reason that there has been no trade between the Leafs and Flames, Flames reporter Eric Francis believes there is another reason.

On 'The Real Kyper and Bourne' show yesterday, Francis revealed that there is hesitancy for the Flames to deal with the Leafs for one particular reason.

"If you're the Calgary Flames ownership group and you have a chance to trade this guy [Chris Tanev] to any team in the league and your General Manager comes in a says 'you know that guy that walked out the door last year and kind of left us high and dry to a degree, maybe we don't deal with him.' I think that might be a small part of it.

I think [Craig] Conroy is scared to deal with the guy that kind of mentored him... I think there's a real fear to deal with the Leafs. If you make a trade with the Toronto Maple Leafs and you end up losing that trade or if the Leafs go on to win the Stanley Cup, that trade is remembered forever and ever and you're forever tied to that misstep. I think there is a bit of a hesitance to deal with the Leafs."

While the Leafs lost a number of depth players to waiver claims while Kyle Dubas was the GM, out of spite according to reports, it appears that Treliving is unable to add depth to his lineup because of the opposite. With the trade deadline just over a week away, Treliving and the Leafs will be watched very closely to see if they are able to find a way to shore up the blueline, specifically the right side. Based on Eric Francis' comments, however, Treliving won't be trading with the Flames, which means fans will have to obsess over another right-shot defenseman, because it's probably not going to be Tanev.

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Flames Reporter reveals a surprising reason why the Flames are hesitant to make a trade with the Leafs

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