Elliotte Friedman Makes Worrisome Statement About Leafs' Players.

Published November 3, 2018 at 11:47

The Toronto Maple Leafs took another tough loss on Thursday night, this time to the Dallas Stars. Toronto has now lost two in a row and four out of their last six games.It seems that a lot has changed since the Leafs started the season ripping up the competition winning six of their first seven games. The team is struggling to score with only three goals in their last four losses and according to one NHL insider, the team isn't too positive either. «I kind of look at their group, they don't really seem to be enjoying themselves very much.» stated Elliotte Friedman.
Friedman added it's not just their play, but all the contract talk by the media as the main stories remain unsigned William Nylander and the upcoming Auston Matthews & Mitch Marner extensions. «I think it's the whole business side of it, we've all been talking contracts instead of the play, it's kind of put an edge on everything that has happened so far this year.»
Do you think the media is starting to weigh down on the Leafs' players?

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