Dubas Ready To Move Up In The Draft.

Published June 5, 2018 at 11:45

The 2018 NHL Draft is just around the corner and Toronto Maple Leafs' fans are excited to see what new GM Kyle Dubas has up his sleeve. Toronto doesn't draft until 25th overall, so while the team can have their eye on certain players, from 10-25 it's really hard to predict what other teams will do. Could the Leafs move up in the draft to get a guy they really like? Dubas is ready to do so. "I think this is the lowest we've picked in my time with the Leafs. We picked fourth (in 2015), then first, then 17th and now 25th. I think we're open to anything, moving up, moving down. We certainly have the requisite assets to move up. If there is a case to move down, we'll have our conversations with other general managers in the League and get a sense of what they're looking to do and then make our decisions as it comes along."
We're not sure what exactly the assets are that Dubas is willing to move, the team only has multiple picks in the 7th round this year and two 4th round picks next year, they do however have at least one pick in the first five rounds. Would you like to see the Leafs move up at the draft?

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