Dubas Comments On Heavy Criticism Directed Towards Marner This Offseason.

Published September 15, 2021 at 7:43 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs suffered another early playoff exit last season which has become all too common.
This year's offseason scapegoat has been Mitch Marner.The young forward's playoff performances or lack there of just haven't been acceptable.A target of very heavy criticism which has sometimes gone overboard Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas recently spoke up about it.«He (Marner) ended up being the one that people went after the most. Whether that is because he is local, whether that is because his gregarious nature, energy, and youthful enthusiasm he brings every day make him an easier target… I don't know,»«I really think that criticism levied towards him from playing in his hometown — and the impact it may have on him and his family — will only help Mitch over time, especially as he deals with it more, learns to overcome it, and thrives through it.» Dubas added, «the people who one year are highly critical and spew hatred towards somebody are just as likely next year to be the biggest booster of that person if they have success… I am very excited to see Mitch capture that sentiment from the fan base with the way he will play this season and into the playoffs this year.»
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