Don Cherry Rips Leafs' For Scratching Spezza During Opener.

Published October 7, 2019 at 10:03

It happened last Wednesday, but Don Cherry still took the opportunity to voice his opinion about on Saturday. Cherry made it clear that he didn't appreciate how the team treated Jason Spezza during the home opener. Spezza was of course made a healthy scratch and there was all kinds of speculation regarding his future with the Leafs. The 36 year old would play the Friday game but was once again scratched on Saturday against the Canadiens. "You're getting into stuff I don't like," Cherry told co-host Ron Maclean. "I think it was cruel, I mean I really do I don't understand it. He came here you knew he was gonna be a 4th line guy, and to have opening night on Hockey Night in Canada and the whole thing, and his family is there, and he doesn't play, I don't like it."
"Very cruel, I don't like it, but Babcock does whatever he wants to do... we know that. He does what he wants to do and he is a winner so we will have to see."What do you think of Cherry's comments?

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