Does Matthews Think The Refs Are Out To Screw Him And The Leafs

Published January 25, 2018 at 12:20

"It was a pretty interesting last couple of games for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Auston Matthews.
We saw two calls in regards to goalie interference this week that definitely left some Leafs fans with questions.
Against the Colorado Avalanche, Matthews himself had a goal called back after "goalie interference". The Leafs star was hardly in the circle and didn't really stop the goalie from making any attempt at a save, however NHL officials felt otherwise and the goal was called back.
Against the Chicago Blackhawks, Artem Anisimov basically took a nap on Leafs goalie Frederik Andersen and wasn't called for goalie interference.
Despite the clear confusion and possible bad judgement on those calls, Matthews is still keeping it positive when it comes to refs in his young career.
«All of them are pretty good guys,» Matthews said in an interview a few games earlier with the Toronto Sun «They're obviously not out there to screw you. You communicate with them. With all of them, you can kind of joke around and stuff (as they do) with all players and coaches. They're all good people, trying to do their jobs the best that they can.
«Some of them are pretty funny. They'll come over and say something to the entire bench or to one of the coaches or whatever, between face-offs or during intermissions. Some of us get a kick out of that when they cruise by the bench and say something you don't really expect.»
You can check out both goals side by side in the video below:


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