Morgan Rielly suspended
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Department of Player Safety reveals Morgan Rielly's lengthy suspension

Published February 13, 2024 at 6:20 PM

After what has probably felt like a very long two and a half days, Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman finally learned his fate this evening. Rielly had an in-person hearing, conducted via Zoom call, with the Department of Player Safety for his cross-check to Ottawa Senators forward Ridly Greig at the end of Saturday's game. The DOPS and head of the department, George Parros announce that Rielly has been suspended for 5 games.

This is just the second in-person hearing this season, the first being Detroit Red Wings forward David Perron, who received a six game suspension for a similar play. Ironically, both in-person hearings have come following plays against the Ottawa Senators as Perron was suspended for a cross-check to the head of Senators defenseman Artem Zub.

The incident involving Rielly has garnered a wide array of opinions with many in the industry surprised that Rielly was offered an in-person hearing. The most ridiculous part is the inconsistency of Parros and the DOPS throughout the season and Parros' tenure. It is mind-boggling that a baseball swing at a player's head by New York Rangers defenseman was only worthy of a fine while a cross-check that rode up Greig's arm to his head is worthy of a 5-game suspension.

At the time of his appointment in 2016, Parros said that he knew where the line was as he had never been suspended or fined in his career. Unfortunately, that line has turned into goal posts and those goal posts have constantly been moved since he took over. There has been zero consistency when it comes to his rulings as evidenced by the thread below where similar plays to Rielly's have seen players suspended for 1 game, fined or not faced supplemental discipline at all. Very disappointing result.

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Department of Player Safety reveals Morgan Rielly's lengthy suspension

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