Craig Berube shares insightful quote about holding players accountable

Mike Armenti
May 21, 2024  (12:28)

Craig Berube
Photo credit: Maple Leafs

During Tuesday's introductory press conference in Toronto, new Maple Leafs head coach Craig Berube shared his insights on accountability and revealed what the Leafs players can expect from him on the bench this season.

Berube was welcomed to Toronto by scores of reporters on Tuesday after being hired as the 32nd head coach in franchise history on Friday evening. There were 9 candidates interviewed in all, according to Leafs GM Brad Treliving, but everything just kept coming back to Berube, and for good reason.
Berube has always been a coach who has held his guys accountable. That's part of the reason why he's been so successful, winning a Stanley Cup with the St. Louis Blues in 2019.
Accountability is important, but as Berube outlined on Tuesday, it's not enough just to tell a player when he needs to be better and tell him what you want from him out on the ice. Berube's response when asked about accountability in Toronto was much more insightful.
"To hold players accountable and for the players to understand the accountability, you have to form a partnership throughout [and] it starts in the summertime. Then, when you have to hold the player accountable, it could be for ice time, it could be for whatever the situation is, they understand it more.

Communication is huge. I'm going to tell them when they're playing well, I'm going to tell them when they're not playing well."

It's comments like this one that show the tremendous character that Berube has become known for throughout his career. Not only is Berube going to work with these guys on where they need to be better, but he's going to pump their tires as well, which should help immensely with anyone who has confidence issues.
Not only that, but building these relationships with the players is very important and Berube knows this. It's a part of the reason why guys are willing to run through a wall for him. He truly cares about his players. That much is evident when you hear guys talk about him. Hopefully this is the beginning of a successful run for him in Toronto.
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Craig Berube shares insightful quote about holding players accountable

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