Coyotes social media account makes a sad attempt to dunk on the Leafs

Ben Hodgson
March 1, 2024  (9:20)

Matthew Knies (right) posing for photo in a Coyotes jersey
Photo credit: @ArizonaCoyotes on X

The Arizona Coyotes may be the most embarrassing team in major professional sports. Unable to pay the bills on an arena, let alone fill one, the Yotes are stuck sharing a college arena with a seating capacity of less than 5,000 fans. Let's not forget that minority owner Alex Barroway is still under indefinite suspension by the league for domestic abuse. In short, the Coyotes aren't in a position to be talking smack to anyone, not that that stopped their Twitter admin.

Before puck drop. The Coyotes account on X (formerly Twitter) decided to post pictures of Auston Matthews and Matthew Knies, both Arizona raised, and use them as a reason hockey belongs in the desert. I have to say, it's a little weird to claim players of the team you're about to face as your own success stories, especially when neither have played a single game for your franchise (and never will). I mean seriously, imagine the Leafs did this? Connor McDavid, Steven Stamkos, Nick Suzuki and a plethora of other top NHL talents grew up on Leafs hockey.
After both Arizona boys scored against their hometown team, Yotes admin decided to post again, this time bragging about playoff series wins. Now, it's true that the Leafs have had a hard time in the postseason these last 2 decades. They've won just 1 playoff series to the Coyotes' three in that time. Having admitted to that, three playoff series wins in 20 years isn't exactly stellar either. You'll never find a Leafs fan bragging about their recent postseason record. I guess that's the difference between cheering for a storied franchise with a rich history and cheering for one that can't even pay their arena bills.
Am I punching down here? Maybe, but the rule of the schoolyard is don't start the fight if you can't finish it. Not only did Ryan Reaves remind the Coyotes of that, beating the snot out of Liam O'Brien, the rest of the team did too, handing the Coyotes their 14th straight loss and improving to 9-1-0 in their last 10 games in the process. As it turns out, being snarky online doesn't win you hockey games.
Funny, this tweet didn't come with a snappy remark attached to it.
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Coyotes social media account makes a sad attempt to dunk on the Leafs

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