Bruce Boudreau Comments On Possibly Joining Leafs.

Published September 3, 2020 at 5:58 PM

"The Toronto Maple Leafs are still making changes from top to bottom and part of those changes are on the coaching staff. We've heard some chatter that the Leafs would like to add Bruce Boudreau to the team in some form whether it be on the coaching staff or an assistant GM type of role. Boudreau spoke to the Toronto Star about the possibility recently. «I understand they've asked for permission but nobody's talked to me yet,» Boudreau told The Star. «I mean, I think the idea is cool.
«The biggest part of it is I just want to be involved in hockey and coaching in the NHL again next year. My goal is to become a head coach but the idea of being an assistant in Toronto is really intriguing.«That's because it's Toronto.»Boudreau's goal is to win a Stanley Cup before he retires and he believes the Leafs are ready to push for one in the next year or two. «Even though they haven't had the success they'd like, I think they're good enough that they could be an NHL Stanley Cup contender any year,» Boudreau said. «That's always intriguing. I mean, my goal has been to win the Stanley Cup before I retire … I mean that's very intriguing.»
«You know, at the start of every year, they're mentioned as contenders for the Cup. They certainly have the Grade-A talent to do it. They're in a pretty tough division, though. I mean I think the East was loaded with eight teams, and any one of them could have won the Cup this year. So you've got to be really lucky, and things have to really go well for you. But I think they're in the conversation all the time.»

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