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Bob McKenzie Reports Marner Ready To Play Hardball, Won't Accept Hometown Discount.

Published June 19, 2019 at 11:40

"As we sit two days away from the NHL Draft, the Toronto Maple Leafs and Mitch Marner don't seem to be anywhere close to getting a contract done. Some have reported that there hasn't even been much dialogue between the two sides. The argument from some against Marner getting paid over $10million is that he's just a winger and not a center.Well, according to Bob McKenzie, Marner's camp doesn't care about that argument and will stand firm on their request of Auston Matthews type money. McKenzie appeared on TSN1050 and the insider said regardless of what another star winger like Mikko Rantanen gets paid this summer, Marner wants a deal like Matthews. Matthews signed a five year deal worth $11.6million a season that will see him hit free agency during the summer 2025. Are you willing to give Marner that type of deal?


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