Big Update Regarding William Nylander Situation.

Published November 18, 2018 at 12:08

The clock is ticking and were just about two weeks away from the December 1st deadline for the Toronto Maple Leafs and William Nylander. The two sides seem stern on their prices, Nylander looking for around $8million a season long term and the Leafs looking at around $6.5million. Teams have been calling the Leafs and general manager Kyle Dubas to try and get a deal done, however as of now it doesn't look like the Leafs are willing to move him until they get the perfect offer. The latest update probably isn't a good situation for either sides. Chris Johnston of Sportsnet reported on Saturday that the Leafs are willing to let Nylander sit out the season if a deal can't be reached or a trade completed. This scenario could possibly hurt both sides in the long run. For Nylander he'll likely have to play the season in Europe, he'll get a nice paycheck, however if by chance Nylander were to get injured it hurts both sides. The Leafs would have lost out on any heavy trade offers if the forward were to go down. In any case, we still have two weeks of speculation and rumors to look forward to before we can close the case on the story for this season.

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