Bad News Regarding Nylander Negotiations.

Published October 25, 2018 at 12:51

Over the last couple of days we've heard multiple sources say that the William Nylander negotiations have been gaining momentum. Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas flew out to Europe to get things rolling and then met with Nylander's agent in New York. Before the meetings, reports were that the roadblock between the two sides were that the Leafs were looking at around $6.5million in annual salary while Nylander was looking at $8million.Then reports came out this week that the two parties had met in the middle and were working on a bridge deal, then Nick Kypreos followed that up with saying it would be a bit longer than a bridge.While that all sounded positive, it looks like the negotiations are back to a stalemate as both Elliotte Friedman and Chris Johnston of Sportnet report that the Nylander's camp have become frustrated with Dubas who's unwilling to budge from that $6.5million a year offer. The two insiders even went so far as to say that all the hope and optimism from earlier on in the week has "dried up". It continues to be an interesting situation well monitor for new developments.

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