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Babcock Makes Huge Statement About Auston Matthews.

Published April 20, 2019 at 10:21

The Toronto Maple Leafs won a huge game last night as they took Game 5 in Boston to take the 3-2 series lead. The game was pretty even down the middle until Auston Matthews opened the scoring and eventually helped set the Leafs up for the second goal of the game putting the game out of reach for a stunned Boston Bruins squad. Matthews has definitely received his fair share of criticism over the last couple of years regarding his performance in the playoffs, however it looks like Matthews has finally found his postseason game. In the two years prior, Matthews was only able to register 7 points in 13 games, highlighted by his very quiet 2 points in 7 games last year. Matthews has come alive this year though with 5 points in 5 games so far this series all of his points actually coming in the last 3 games. Head coach Mike Babcock was blown away by Matthews performance last night. "I'm proud of him. He should feel good about himself."
Babcock went on to say that it's the best 200 foot game he's ever seen Matthews play in his career!!Huge statement by the Leafs' bench boss.

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