Auston Matthews Pissed At Steve Simmons.

Published July 15, 2020 at 3:32 PM

It's the only name across the whole NHL that has been confirmed to to have COVID-19. All NHL player names have been kept secret except for Toronto Maple Leafs' forward Auston Matthews. Steve Simmons broke the story about a month ago and Matthews confirmed the news when training camp opened back up. The Leafs' forward isn't too happy about. According to The Athletic, Matthews is upset that his name was put out there by Simmons. "In fact, of all those having tested positive leaguewide, we know just one name: Auston Matthews. That's thanks to a Toronto Sun report last month which revealed his results, something the Leafs star had declined to comment on until camp opened Monday in Toronto.Those close to the 22-year-old said that he had been disappointed and frustrated by the fact he was «outed» as a confirmed case against his will, even as the identities of every other infected NHL player have, to date, been protected. Many media outlets, including The Athletic, have declined to identify players against their will, even as cases have multiplied rapidly across the sporting world."Matthews has absolutely every right to be upset!

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