Leafs assistant captain Morgan Rielly
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A look at some of the recent cross-checks that have resulted in lesser suspensions than Morgan Rielly's

Published February 14, 2024 at 11:07

In the wake of the Morgan Rielly news, Leafs Nation is up in arms over the Department of Player Safety hammering the Leafs defenseman with a 5-game suspension for an infraction that has historically been far less harshly punished.

To deserve a 5-game suspension, you need to do something truly heinous, such as Brendan Gallagher's recent elbow, which earned him a 5-game suspension earlier this season.

It's not until we review some of the recent cross-checking suspensions that we really get a glimpse of how harshly the Department of Player Safety treats the Leafs over players on other teams. Take this Sam Bennett cross-check on Michael Bunting, for example. This earned Bennett a $5,000 fine and zero games missed due to suspension.

Most Leaf fans, I'm sure, will recall this brutal cross-check from Montreal's Joel Edmundson straight to the face of Wayne Simmonds, who was already tied up with Ben Chiarot. Edmundson was not suspended for this play.

This one by Jeff Skinner on Jake Guentzel received a lot of attention at the time, but ultimately, it resulted in only a 3-game suspension for Skinner.

Does anyone recall this nasty cross-check from Jamie Benn on Mark Stone, which earned him a 2-game suspension?

I find it funny that Rielly is having the book thrown at him for having his stick ride up off the arm of Ridly Greig and into his head when Greig caught Pierre-Luc Dubois with this stiff cross-check to the face last pre-season and was only suspended for 1 regular season game.

Honestly, I have a hard time with this one. The precedent had already been long set and George Parros and the Department of Player Safety picking and choosing who to make an example of is becoming very predictable. He seems to be targeting the Toronto Maple Leafs and that much is evident in how he seems to hold them to a different standard than he does the rest of the league. It's an embarrassing look for the league, it's infuriating for Leaf fans and something really does need to be done.
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A look at some of the recent cross-checks that have resulted in lesser suspensions than Morgan Rielly's

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