Toronto radio host identifies another Canadian team who he says will win a Cup before the Leafs

Ryan Smitheram
August 4, 2023  (8:24)

Recently, during a segment on TSN's OverDrive, former Leaf and co-host of TSN1050's morning show First Up, Carlo Colaiacovo, discussed a number of Leaf related topics. From why the pressure of Toronto chases players away from wanting to wear the Leaf jersey to how displeased he is with the current defense corps to which other Canadian team he believes will win a Cup before the Leafs. The choice was an obvious one for Colaiacovo given the other Canadian team's playoff success and the way their roster is constructed compared to the Leafs.

"I was at Zach Hyman's golf tournament and I was asked if I were to place a bet on who the first Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup, Edmonton or Toronto, who do you think i chose? I didn't even think twice about it because I think Edmonton's closer because of the players they have, the success they've had, obviously the conference they play in, because the Eastern Conference is a juggernaut," a decisive Colaiacovo said.
He went on to give a very specific reason as to why he thinks the Oilers will win a Stanley Cup before the Leafs saying, "I like the additions the Leafs have made up front, but I still worry about this team defensively... so much can change before they drop the puck on opening night, but I think in order to continue or at least follow up the success they had in the playoffs this year, nobody can feel confident saying this group of defense the way that they're built can win a round or two next year."
To Colaiacovo's credit, he said what I'm sure the majority of Leaf fans are thinking about the Leafs' blueline. It's far too soft and there are too many undersized, puck-moving defensemen and not enough physical, mean defensemen on the team. As he said, it is only August so a lot can change before opening night, and there will likely still be some changes to the Leafs' roster. Whether that is through trade and/or through bringing in a remaining free agent or two, I don't believe Brad Treliving is done changing the personnel of the Leafs. He has always been one to build his team from the back end out and has always preferred big, physical defensemen over smaller ones, so there will still likely be a change or two in the coming weeks ahead of training camp.
The Leafs don't have the luxury of developing a big, physical defenseman from within. Kyle Dubas didn't draft any prospects who fit that mold while he was with the Leafs so Treliving will have to look outside of the organization to fill that need.
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Toronto radio host identifies another Canadian team who he says will win a Cup before the Leafs

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