Ticket prices for Toronto's All-Star weekend this season are embarrassingly high

Dean Chaudhry
August 17, 2023  (6:20 PM)

After arguably one of the most boring All-Star weekends in recent memory for the NHL this past season, it was announced that the 2024 NHL All Star Game would be hosted by the Toronto Maple Leafs. Coincidental that they awarded the weekend to one of the biggest markets in hockey after the debacle we witnessed this past season? Maybe, but exciting nonetheless.

Of course with the festivities being held in Toronto, it should come to no one's surprise that tickets would be very expensive, however not as astronomically expensive as they're going for right now - on second-hand markets to boot.
As the author of the article on Editor in Leaf mentions, for someone who covers the team on a regular basis, it came as a surprise that the ticket sales weren't as advertised as expected, almost to a point where most fans had no clue they were already made available.
You go on Ticketmaster for example and the cheapest pair of tickets for the Skills Competition is $577.15, where as the cheapest pair of tickets for the game itself is $558.11. On StubHub, if you're looking for 2 seats together, the cheapest is 348$ - each on the balcony in section 320. After that it jumps to $578 each in the same section but 9 rows closer. Some tickets are currently going north of $3000 CAD.
This is the name of the game with these sorts of websites but you can go to an actual regular season game - maybe even playoffs - for a cheaper and you'll be seated a lot closer than section 320 on the balcony.
For reference, you can find tickets for the home opener against the Montreal Canadiens for either the same price or slightly cheaper. If you want to find tickets for when the Maple Leafs host the Stanley Cup champions in the Vegas Golden Knights, you can find some for $200. If you want tickets for when Kyle Dubas and the Pittsburgh Penguins come to town, you can find some for less than $300 for their tilt in December and some for only $233 for their game in April.
It's unfortunate if you're really into the All-Star weekend or want to bring your family to the festivities, considering the fact that it's the first time it's being held in Toronto since 2000. Perhaps the ticket prices could drop between now and the date of the event, however let's not hold our breaths.
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Ticket prices for Toronto's All-Star weekend this season are embarrassingly high

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