The next goal of Auston Matthews' career will be a history-maker

Published August 26, 2023 at 8:16 PM

Auston Matthews is good at hockey. I know, shocker, right? The 2016 1st overall pick is currently sitting at 299 career goals, with his first goal of his season marking 300 for the Arizona product. Why is that significant? Well, because when he scores that 300th goal, he'll reach that milestone faster than anyone else in Maple Leafs history.

Not only will Matthews become the fastest 300-goal scorer in Leafs history, at (presumably) just over 480 games, but he'll also be the 10th fastest 300-goal scorer in NHL history. Not bad for a guy who has just 7 NHL seasons under his belt - two of which were COVID-shortened seasons.

Matthews is a special talent. We know this. He's already the first player in Maple Leafs history to have scored 60 goals. He's also on pace to surpass the legendary Mats Sundin in both goals and points before the end of his next contract.

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