TSN analyst reveals what the plan is for Ilya Samsonov, Joseph Woll and Martin Jones in Toronto

Published August 10, 2023 at 10:15

When the Leafs signed veteran goaltender Martin Jones to a 1-year contract worth $875,000 yesterday, there were a lot of raised eyebrows in Toronto. Many understood the move as a depth signing for insurance purposes, but some still wondered what the deal could mean for Joseph Woll.

On Thursday, TSN hockey analyst Dave Poulin was asked what he thought of the move and he was very quick to confirm that this was a depth signing and that the idea is still for the Leafs to roll with a Samsonov/Woll tandem with Jones being the 3rd wheel there.

"Well, it's an insurance policy. I don't know that they've changed it a lot for Joseph Woll, because Joseph Woll needs waivers now, guys, to be sent down to the Marlies and so I don't think they risk that. If I were a team and Joseph Woll was put on waivers, I would jump on that in a second." - Poulin on what the Jones signing means for Woll

Poulin pointed to the inexperience of both Samsonov and Woll as the primary reason for the move, but he also indicated that a veteran with a lot of games under his belt was important, as the Marlies don't have much experience on their roster either.

"Jones will be well north of 400 games. He had a great year last year, but he had a great year up to early February and then the numbers turned off... He's 33, he brings you stability. There was no experience in the pipeline and if you looked at the 4 goalies who are listed on the Marlies roster, there's zero experience. That's what you did here - you brought in experience." - Poulin on the Leafs wanting to add an experienced goalie

Poulin doesn't believe that the Leafs will roll 3 goalies on the main roster, so emphasized that Jones will be the one placed on waivers to avoid potentially losing Woll to another team. Someone like Jones, with the experience he has, may very well end up being claimed, but the organization wouldn't be impacted by his loss the same way they would be by someone like Woll being claimed.

"If you're going to choose between who you're risking to lose between Martin Jones and Joseph Woll, Martin Jones will be sent down." - Poulin on which goalie will be waived if it comes down to that

If the Leafs can manage to avoid losing Jones on waivers, having a trio that consists of Ilya Samsonov, Joseph Woll and Martin Jones can provide the Leafs with a nice blend of skill, youth, upside and experience at both the NHL and AHL levels. Personally, I like the move. Low risk, decent potential reward. We'll see how it all goes, though, after Jones is waived. If he clears, that will be great for the organization. If he is claimed, however, we'll be right back to square one, in search of another experienced 3rd string goalie.

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TSN analyst reveals what the plan is for Ilya Samsonov, Joseph Woll and Martin Jones in Toronto

How many games will Martin Jones end up playing for the Leafs this season if he clears waivers and remains with the team?

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