Sheldon Keefe flags down a referee for a coaches challenge
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Sportscaster makes wild accusations against the Maple Leafs

Published January 19, 2024 at 12:16

The Leafs were able to snap a 4-game losing skid on Thursday, thanks to the quick eyes and quicker decision-making of the team's video coaches, Jordan Bean and Sam Kim, who were able to spot an uncalled hand pass that led to the Calgary Flames holding the zone and scoring the game-tying goal.

As a result of Blake Coleman reaching out and batting the puck out of the air with his hand, his defenseman was able to hold the line, which led to the challenge by Sheldon Keefe and the eventual overturned goal. The Leafs would hang on to win the game by a score of 4-3 in regulation.

One Sportscaster, TSN's Jermain Franklin, didn't like the call and made sure that his followers knew it. Franklin tweeted out a shot at the Leafs and suggested that the team took advantage of a rule with a challenge that shouldn't have been allowed.

"And that's why nobody likes the #LeafsForever. A bad challenge, not in the spirit of the rule. Terrible."

Thankfully, TLN's Joseph Zita was right there to remind Franklin that this same play was called AGAINST the Leafs last season, costing them a game-tying goal against the Arizona Coyotes in the final 40 seconds of regulation.

Franklin probably wouldn't have had a problem with the call if it went the other way, with the Flames having challenged, leading to an overturned goal against the Leafs. Insinuating that the Leafs of colluding with the league here just seemed petty.
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Sportscaster makes wild accusations against the Maple Leafs

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